Historical Artefact Raised

Date: 8/2/2010

The sea anchor was first discovered in Wellington Harbour (New Zealand) in 1995, and believed to be more than a century old. Its origin remains a mystery. The anchor weighs between eight and 10 tonnes, and is 5.1 metres long. ‘It’s of a style made for a very large battle ship in the 1890s, called the Orlando Class Battle Ships,’ said the project manager Malcolm McGregor. It is believed that there was a very large Russian battleship of that class in the Wellington Harbour in the1890s. The lifting of the anchor was the first step in its restoration. Zinc anodes were fitted to stop corrosion. The anchor was then returned to the sea floor, as exposure to air would cause it to disintegrate. The anchor will be lifted again in a year or two and placed it in a tub containing a caustic solution with an electric current. It could take many years before the anchor is in a good enough condition to be put on display.

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