Paua Poachers Sentenced

Date: 31/12/2010

The group was caught at Rock Point on Wellington’s west coast, south of Titahi Bay (New Zealand). Fisheries officers found 1182 paua in 10 sacks hidden in various locations along the coast, 587 of the 700 paua in their shells were less than 125mm in size, and 217 of the 482 shucked paua were deemed to have come from shells under 125mm. Tulo Tuala, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. Pele Lemalu received seven months’ home detention, while Kyle Marriott was given 300 hours’ community work. The other six people in the group earlier pleaded guilty and received a variety of sentences, including two terms of imprisonment. The catch limit for paua is 10 per person per day and the minimum size is 125mm and they must be landed in the shell.

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