SS Cambria Located?

Date: 1/3/2011

The Western Australia Museums maritime archaeology department has pinpointed the location of a Tasmanian-built timber steamship that sunk southwest of Garden Island in March 1900. The SS Cambria left Fremantle to southern ports when a southwest gale and heavy seas forced Captain Colstadt to seek shelter at Rockingham. A heavy swell threw the 28.7m, two-masted vessel onto a reef, breaking its propeller and causing it to take on water, eventually sinking with masts and funnel still showing in reasonably shallow water. The departments assistant curator, Ross Anderson, said the wreck was first found in the early 1960s but not reported until 1992 and it could not be found again. Covered in kelp and weed, the wrecks vertical iron boiler was found by WA Museum divers in November 2010. An excavation found timber, a small piece of coal and iron, confirming the ships hull remains buried beneath it.

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