Pink Terraces Found

Date: 1/3/2011

Remains of the Pink Terraces were found at the bottom of Lake Rotomahana in the Rotorua region of New Zealand. The discovery was made during a joint New Zealand and American project to map the lake floor and investigate the geothermal system. Side-scan sonar and bathymetric data show crescent-shaped terraced structures in 60 metres of water where the terraces were located prior to 1886, scientists revealed. Underwater photos showed terrace edges and lake floor sediments. The world-famous Pink and White Terraces were destroyed and vanished in the eruption of Mt Tarawera in June 1886. Project leader Cornel de Ronde of GNS Science said scientists found no sign of the larger White Terraces in the part of the lake where they were located prior to 1886.

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