Moko in ‘Top 10 Heroic Animals’

Date: 1/6/2011

Moko, New Zealand’s cheeky bottlenose dolphin was named by Time magazine as one of history’s most heroic animals. Moko was recognised for preventing a mother pygmy sperm whale and calf from beaching themselves and was famous for playing with humans along the east coast of the North Island. Moko died in 2010. (see Oct/Nov 2010 issue #120) Among those in the top-10 were Alexander the Great’s horse Bucephalus; Trakr – the dog who found the last survivor in New York’s September 11 Twin Tower rubble; and Cher Ami – a pigeon who flew messages in France during World War I, leading to the rescue of 194 soldiers in Major Charles Whittlesey’s ‘Lost Battalion’.

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