OZTeK 2013

Date: 1/7/2012

In a constantly evolving activity like recreational diving, to refer to one aspect of it as ‘Technical Diving’ is a misnomer. All diving by its very nature is ‘technical’ in that it relies on life-support equipment and technology. Whether the diver limits his/her depth to just a metre or they plummet to extreme depths to discover and explore, the safety and well-being of both ultimately depends on a piece of technical equipment and an understanding of its correct and proper use … as well as its limitations.

Putting the thrill back into diving by helping divers (at every level of experience) realise their full potential, OZTeK2013 will again bring together the world’s leading underwater explorers, researchers and adventurers to share their experiences and discoveries in an action-packed weekend given over to diving adventure and excitement. 16-17 March 2013, Sydney, Australia.


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