Fined for Dumping Snapper

Date: 1/7/2012

New Zealand commercial fisherman Kelly Scoles was convicted for abandoning snapper of legal size and under the quota management system. He was fined $25,000 and the fishing vessel was forfeit. A member of the public notified the Ministry of Fishery (MAF) of a substantial amount of fish floating in a net. MAF officers sought aerial and sea support from the RNZN and RNZAF. The drift of the cod-end fishing net and dispersal of fish from it was three kilometres long when the net was located. Forensic tests showed the cod-end had been deliberately cut. If you see large numbers of floating fish at sea:

1:Photograph largest concentrations of fish visible on the surface

2. Record the position of fish, including latitude and longitude of the area

3. Pick up samples of legal sized fish (fishers must return all undersized fish to the sea)

4. Record the time, date and place and a brief summary of what you have seen and done; include a description of sea and weather conditions

5. Write down the particulars (description, name and number) of any boat present in the vicinity and photograph if possible. Include a record of the movement of any commercial or recreational vessels in the area

6. Immediately call 0800 476 224

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