NIWA’s glider launched into service for sea science


NIWA Coastal Physicist Dr Joanne O’Callaghan with Manaia, the underwater research glider. Photo: DAVE ALLEN

Exploring the frontier of New Zealand oceanographic research is the launch mission for Manaia, NIWA’s newly named underwater glider.

The glider was launched from deepwater research vessel Tangaroa, on 4 May on a 20-day voyage to the northern entrance of the Hauraki Gulf , led by NIWA Coastal Physicist Dr Joanne O’Callaghan and Marine Geologist Dr Scott Nodder.

 The scientists will anchor eight moorings to the seafloor for the next 12 months to collect information on the oceans flow between the ocean surface and the deep ocean.

Manaia will be deployed to collect data on temperature, salinity, pressure, oxygen, fluorescence, light and turbidity that will complement the information gathered by the fixed moorings.

For more information please contact: Cameron Williamson, Senior Media Advisor NIWA, Greta Point, Wellington

+64 04 386 0839

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