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Master of Small Commercial Dive Boat (MSCDB) qualification is an approved training framework endorsed by Maritime NZ and now falls under the Maritime Rule Part 35.70 and 35.72. The MSCDB is classed as dive industry specific and therefore can only be held by persons currently working within the dive industry and is a five-year certification. There are yearly requirements for the holder of the MSCDB including annual renewal of boat membership and current First Aid certificates. On renewal of the five year qualification, continuation of work within the dive industry will be required including passing a written exam.

The Dive Activity Supervisor (DAS) qualification continues to form part of the MSCDB programme. New Zealand Underwater Association is pleased to announce that you can now obtain the DAS qualification without being employed within the dive industry.

So why do the DAS course? The answer is not just as a duty of care to fellow divers but because it also enhances your skills and knowledge as a diver. What will you learn?

  • How to control a dive
  • What to do and when to do it
  • How to summon help if required
  • How to recognise diving disorders such as DCS, Hypothermia, hyperthermia
  • An understanding of changing weather conditions
  • How to read a chart
  • How to pick dive sites
  • Depth and nature of the seabed
  • Where not to anchor.

NZUA have trainers throughout New Zealand who can teach this course. For further information contact NZUA on 09-623 3252 and we will put you in touch with a trainer.

Dive safe as we head in to the summer season – please remember to heed the below key safety messages! These could save your life!

  1. Always fly the dive flag; this needs to be a minimum of 600mmx600mm in size and should <<<only>>> be flown when people are in the water. As a skipper or driver of a vessel you must keep a 200m distance from the dive flag or reduce your speed to below five knots within 200m.
  2. Before you scuba dive, get certified through professional training from a reputable training agency. If you haven’t dived for a while or are feeling a bit rusty, undertake a refresher course from your local dive centre.
  3. Are you dive fit? Before you dive get a medical assessment and repeat this at least every five years.
  4. Check your equipment and have your scuba gear serviced by a qualified scuba technician at least every two years.
  5. Always dive with a dive buddy.
  6. Let someone know where you are going to be diving and when you expect to return.

Underwater Hockey 2016 World Champ Teams

NZUA would like to congratulate those chosen to compete in the 2016 World Championships in South Africa next year! It was not an easy trial process, and the level of UWH in New Zealand remains high.

 Men’s Team
Jeremy Webster
Alex Welsh
Benson Taylor
Ty Christian (new cap #118)
Ollie van Rooyen
Liam Watson
Jesse Hocking
Nick Healey (new cap #119)
Andrew Gunn
Jake Hocking
Rob Tinkler
Richard Maxwell.

Women’s Team
Maddie Aiken (new cap)
Leah Chamberlin
Georgia Child
Carmen Claassen
Georgia Farmer
Zoe Firth
Claire George
Tina Heir
Jessica Lowther
Paige Moran
Sabrina Quarente
Kaitlyn White.

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