50 Years of New Zealand Underwater

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By New Zealand Underwater Association This book is about people. People who dive. Whatever their reasons are for being in the water, the bond all divers share is a love of the ocean and the sub-marine world. Within these parameters many different interests have evolved. There are the hunter-gathers, who dive to put food on the table or artefacts on their mantelpiece or in a museum. There are the film-makers and photographers striving to capture the beauty of the ocean on film. Creators and inventors develop specialist equipment, sometimes leading the world in to new ideas. Scientists and conservationists observe and protect our seas, in the hope of restoring what nature created. And there are the educators – the instructors who train our divers and snorkellers to stay safe in our watery world. Adventure divers travel the world in search of the undiscovered and push new boundaries with ever more sophisticated gear. Other divers simply enjoy being in the water. In New Zealand we are lucky to have many choices of dive sites and dive activities. Over the last fifty years, the New Zealand Underwater Association has worked hard to keep ‘divers making choices for divers’. A wide variety of views and stories have been generated from that freedom over the last fifty years. These are some of those stories. 184 pages, 30 x 21, soft cover

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