Beneath the Sea

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by William L High A sampling of diving and other adventures. Bill High spent more than 365 days of his working career under water in four undersea laboratories, five deep submersibles and as both a commercial and sport diver, Bill was a hospital and field medic, sport and commercial fisherman, sky diver, hunter and witness to the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl harbour, December 7, 1941. He rode the back of a wild killer whale and swam with more than 1000 dolphins. For more than 50 years he sought adventure above and below the ocean. Today Bill is president of PSI Inc, a training company for inspectors of scuba and scuba cylinders. He is a prolific writer having authored or co-authored several technical books and more than 150 articles. His photographs have appeared as covers and within national magazines as well as government publications such as the NOAA Diving Manual. Hard cover, 300 pages, black and white. Size 16×23.

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