Fly Patterns by Fishing Guides – 200 Flies that Really Work


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By Tony Lolli

This brand-new how-to manual for fly tying enthusiasts is a book with a real difference! Most of the 200 patterns shown and described in these pages have never appeared anywhere in print until now. More important, all have proved effective, because all were created by professional fishing guides who now have agreed to share their secrets with the author and expert fisherman Tony Lolli. These are the flies that working guides give customers when fishing is unusually difficult. These flies catch fish when nothing else works. Tony Lolli opens his comments on this book’s valuable collection with general instructions on fly-tying techniques. He devotes the rest of the book to photos and detailed instructions for tying each of these very special flies. He separates flies into two general categories:

For freshwater species: Trout of all varieties, Atlantic Salmon, Pacific Salmon.
For saltwater species: Striped bass, Bluefish, Bonefish, Marlin, Sailfish, and others.

Readers will also find information on how, when, and where each fly is fished. Every fly in this book is shown in both life-size and in enlarged color photos so that fisherman can examine them in detail. 450 color illustrations in total.

About The Author:
Tony Lolli is an experienced fly fisherman who writes articles on both fishing and fly tying for many hunting and fishing magazines.

Hardcover w/hidden spiral binding / 288 Pages / 17.5 x 22.8 / 2013

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