Investigating Recreational and Commercial Diving Accidents

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by Steve Barsky and Tom Newman A must read for anyone who investigating diving accidents. Explores interactions when a diving accident is investigated. Important reference for those professionally employed in the diving business, as well as anyone in risk management, law enforcement, and other governmental agencies. Includes: Information on various modes of diving. Coverage of every type of diving gear. Physiological factors in diving accidents. Talents of the dive accident investigator. Tools used by the investigator. How to prepare for an investigation. How to conduct an investigation. Inspecting dive accident sites. How to investigate a sport diving accident. Professional diving accidents. Commercial diving accidents. Report preparation. Trial testimony. Authors have extensive experience in investigating/treating diving accidents. Steve Barsky: former commercial diver, recreational diving instructor, full time diving consultant. Tom Neuman (MD, FACP, FACPM): former Navy diver, past president of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and director of the University of California at San Diego Hyperbaric Medical facility. Soft cover, 235 pages, black and white18x26

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