Saltwater In Her Hair

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by Dee Pigneguy Captures the personal stories of women who have chosen sea-going careers. It celebrates women’s lives, while dealing with the obstacles and hurdles that must be overcome if women want to live fulfilling lives. Women need their own stories as they go about creating a society that is not based on gender issues. The articulate, passionate and energetic women in these stories have pioneered their own way in an industry fraught with risk and uncertainty. There is no recipe for success, although all the women gained self-confidence, courage and self-awareness in their journeys from idealism to reality. Many of the women didn’t expect any special privileges or particular attention. They just wanted to lead fulfilling lives and pursue a passion in order to pay the bills. Success and choice depended on the people, the times, the opportunities and the history. Some began by getting hired as a cook and learning how to make themselves indispensable. They discovered that the attitude women bring to their own lives is the key, and that they had power over that. Living life and analyzing it are two different processes. It is our concept of how we think things are that keep us from seeing and experiencing how they really are. Many of the women found the barriers to change are largely hidden and unexamined, and have more to do with paternalistic structures than menstrual cycles. Size: 25x21black and white with photographs. 164 pages, soft cover.

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