The New Zealand Adventure Guide

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by Shane Boocock Designed to inspire both New Zealanders and travellers to get out, explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Of course bungy jumping and skydiving feature pretty highly but if you want your feet ot stay firmly on the ground, then author Shane Boocock takes us out for the best off-road driving thrills and the country’s famous hiking trails. Or perhaps some whitewater rafting, surfing, or parasailing will float your boat? Maybe you’d like to get close to nature with whale watching or high-country horse riding – or a breathtaking hot air balloon ride? Find out how you too can experience the ZORB, the shweeb, blokart and snowkiting! Divided into different outdoor activity areas – adventures on line; high; wheels; foot; snow; horseback; sea; lakes/rivers; on the edge – the straight-forward layout in The New Zealand Adventure Guide means it’s easy to find the type of adventure you want. However, if you’re heading for a particular geographical area, the map and simple index at the back lists all the adventures in the region you are visiting – or living. And with all the websites listed, it’s simple to use it to organise as well as inspire. The forward has been written by New Zealand Prime Mister John Key. The New Zealand Adventure Guide gets to the heart of what has made New Zealand such a great place to live in and experience – adventure in the great outdoors. About the author: Shane Boocock’s penchant for adventure began while hitchhiking around Europe and the USA. Since 1996 Shane has been based in New Zealand and his travel stories and photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines in New Zealand, Australia and North America. Soft cover, 175 pages, colour, 22×26.

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