The Surface of the Sea

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by Iain Anderson The ocean is home to some of our planet’s most exquisite, dangerous and dynamic wildlife. Explorers push the boundaries to discover creatures lurking in the depths and travel the world to see exotic sea-life at both great physical and financial cost. Often ignored is the upper ocean, the top 10 or so metres of water that is the key to the entire ocean’s great food web. Here, microscopic bacteria, bus-size whale sharks, poison filled eels, myriad squid, plants and microbes partake in the daily struggle to stay alive in the most fluid of environments. In his book Iain describes how, through a painful experience with jellyfish, he first became interested in this dynamic and often taken for granted part of the Ocean. Iain’s love for this part of the ocean has only grown, and in The Surface of the Sea he takes readers on a wondrous adventure into the waters that surround New Zealand. The author’s lavish photographs make this book an ecological experience enjoyable to anyone interested in the world’s greatest habitat – the ocean. Soft cover, colour, 151 pages, 24cmx21cm

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