Throw Me the Wreck Johnny

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by Steve Locker-Lampson Throw me the Wreck Johnny Memories of Kelly Tarlton – the man behind the legend. By Steve Locker-Lampson. About this book: Many years ago Steve Locker-Lampson, friend and diving companion to Kelly Tarlton, discussed the writing of a book about Kelly that, by Kelly’s own admission, he would never have time to write himself. Eleven years after his death and with the help of Kelly’s family and friends, Steve has brought together some of the stories that made Kelly a legend. But more than the stories, the personal and sometimes intimate memories of a New Zealand personality reveal the man behind the legend. Kelly Tarlton the father, husband, adventurer, diver, treasure hunter and entrepreneur: From the many memories Steve Locker-Lampson paints an amusing and honest picture of a great New Zealander who’s legacy lives on in Kelly Tarlton’s underwater World and his Museum of shipwrecks. Soft cover, 192 pages, black and white with some colour plates, size24x16.

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