South Rocks – Gisborne


Spearfishing to me has always been so much more than the ‘evidence’ you arrive home with. More than the glory catch shots thrown up on facebook to impress your mates, or to use on your tinder dating profile.

It’s about the adventure, the hunt, the moments of adrenaline, but most significantly for me, its the underwater scenery and diversity of sea life you might chance across. Because anything can turn up in NZ waters.

On any given day you might see schools of Koheru, clouds of Pink Mau-Mau, Kahawai, Demoiselle’s, Butterfish, John Dory, Dolphins, Kingfish, Snapper, Trevally, Stingrays, Mako and Bronze Whaler sharks, even Skipjack Tuna or a Sunfish.

Now imagine if you could see all of the species I’ve just mentioned, in just the one spot, on just one pin, in 30m of visibility and everything is at least a third bigger than you’d see anywhere else in the country.

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