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Subscribed winners for our printed magazine:

Drawn October 2016

Issue 155 Winner: one of two Dive New Zealand backpacks Matthew Thompson Bryan

Drawn August 2016

Issue 154 Winner: Beuchat Mask, fin and snorkel valued at $457 Scott

Drawn June 2016

Issue 153 Winner: $1000 worth of Oceandry Drysuits vouchers. Steve

Drawn April 2016

Issue 152 Winner: one of two Ikelite Gamma torches & an Ikelite 'Pics or it didn't happen' t-shirt Richard Jamieson Shane

Drawn December 2015

Issue 149 Winner: Our Big Blue Backyard & Undersea World of Wyland JS Brambley   Issue 150 Winner: PCa Lite and Spot X …

Drawn July 2014

Subscriber only giveaways Waitomo Cave Lost World 4-hour 100m abseil and dry caving adventure (RRP $340): Bruce Taylor Jasmine Yorke Mark …