The climate is changing, so what can we effectively do about that?

planet earth from space

Conversations on climate change have been dominating the media and social media apps this year.

I’m no climate change denier but I have been around long enough to know our planet Earth is a continually evolving geological mass traveling through space in the Milky Way, indifferent to the plight of her inhabitants. Earth is exposed to many natural forces, especially from our sun and moon. Change is inevitable.

As shown in the past by the flipping of the North and South poles! Central Australia was once almost entirely covered by a vast sea. Time is one thing Earth and the universe has plenty of. I’m not sure how we are going to stop the sun doing its thing, or the planet’s earthquakes and volcanoes.

I saw a report recently on the millions of tonnes of gases released into the Earth’s atmosphere during the Kaikoura earthquakes. It’s still happening today. We must get the politicians to stop this! Sure, I have my tongue in my cheek.

In the early 1980’s I was involved with clearing reef entrances into remote coral atolls as part of a New Zealand foreign aid programme. As team leader I was asked by a scientist at Auckland University to blast a small hole in the reef where it changed from a gradual (45 degrees) decline down to a near vertical dive into the abyss. I asked why? The scientist replied, we are studying the gradual rise of the ocean. The coral you get from deep in the hole will give us an indication of how fast the water is rising over time, plus show how the atoll has moved up and down over thousands of years. I think it was first time someone I respected told me the hard facts about how the planet is continually evolving. Before then I had not spent much time thinking about such matters.

So the real question is: Has man had an effect on our climate? We sure have, though the precise extent percentage wise is debatable.

But we sure do need to clean up our act.

These days environmental issues are being taken more seriously by governments – they know they could lose votes if they do nothing – a change in attitudes is slowly happening.

In this New Zealand is a world leader. But, as we know, many other countries don’t have the ability or a strong will to protect the environment they live in, sadly.

Most of us realise many of the environmental issues we have today were created by businesses drive to make a profit

to support our communities. Now businesses are becoming aware of the profits to be made by producing environmentally friendly products that people want. So are we witnessing a turning point?

Mankind in general has a long way to go in respecting the privilege we all have, of living on this blue rock, floating in the ever changing dynamics of the universe.

I must add for our children: there is a wonderful future for you on Earth. It’s not all going to be covered with water!

Mankind has shown in our very short history we are a resilient species with the ability to evolve with change. We need to be part of this continual changing process, as science continues to develop the facts and technology – the tools for us to improve how to live in harmony with the beautiful environment we were blessed to be born into!

This is my final editorial for the magazine.

As you know the magazine is now being well managed by Publisher & Managing Editor Gilbert Peterson since the June/ July 2017 Issue 158.

It has been a pleasure supporting Gilbert as he took on the challenge of publishing a national Diving magazine. Not an easy task!

We will continue to run the fun photographic competition Shades of Colour, with the able support of Sophie Fraser and our two judges, Andy Belcher and Iain Anderson.

Every now and then I’ll write features on various subjects I feel need to be brought to the attention of divers, plus a few travel destination articles. After 30 years of involvement in the industry it’s hard to say goodbye completely!

My wonderful wife Petal has been a rock of support over those years. It still amazes me how she managed to cope with magazine deadlines while nurturing two amazing children, adults now, Paige and Ethan. Thanks mate!

Yeah, summer has arrived. It’s now time to get your gear checked by a professional dive facility.

Too many of us leave it to the last minute, expecting the dive facility to work 24/7 servicing gear that really should have been checked a month ago! So, off your butts!

On behalf of myself, Gilbert and Advertising Sales Manager, Colin Gestro, we thank you all for your continued support. Our readers, article and photo contributors, regular columnists and most importantly, our advertisers who trust the magazine to deliver their message. Thanks also to Art Director, Mark Grogan, who tirelessly toils designing the magazine.

We wish you all take some spare TIME over the summer days to enjoy this stunning country’s natural beauty, both above and under the water.

By Dave Moran – Editor at Large

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