Time to Pass Over a Wealth of Diving History and an Opportunity – The Magazine is for Sale!

01_DiveCoverIt’s been an amazing journey!

We distributed the magazine’s first edition in December 1990 with the December/January 1991 issue. It just seems like yesterday not 26 years ago! Back then the magazine’s title was DIVE Log New Zealand. It was published in tabloid format on newsprint. Every dive store in the country received free copies!

Soon there was a demand for the magazine to be available in the magazine retail market. The foundations were set to publish a magazine to meet the increasing demands for quality diving-related articles and information.
All magazines are a living, breathing, evolving product and change is a natural part of their ongoing success
and continuing development. Changes are required to meet the requirements of the reader and to take advantage of the opportunities new technologies can deliver.

The magazine is now also available on digital platforms (see promotion on the inside back cover). It also has a very powerful, informative website. Such technologies were only seen in Star Trek movies back in the 1990s.

IT people continue to say to me, “Dave you ain’t seen nothing yet. This is just the start, in five years’ time what we are doing now will seem like it was back in the Dark Ages!”

It’s EXCITING how technology is changing the way we view the world, communicate with each other and how
we are entertained. I believe the magazine has a very bright future as it embraces the opportunities that the digital world delivers today and into the future.

I now have a few grey hairs! I have overcome the psychological challenge of making the decision that it is time to pass the magazine on to new people so that they can take the magazine to the next level. If you have the skills and the vision to take the magazine to this next exciting level I would be interested in discussing that possibility with you.

I’m looking forward to meeting interested parties to discuss how I and the brilliant team at Dive New Zealand/Dive
Pacific magazines can assist to a smooth transition to the new owner/publisher.

The sale process has begun.

You are holding our 155th edition! Our loyal contributors who have been the lifeblood flowing through the magazine
still continue to send us stories about their amazing adventures. Thanks guys and ladies; you are outstanding.

Looking back I recall the fantastic people that the magazine has allowed me to meet personally. A few notable people come to mind: Jacques and Jean-Michel Cousteau; explorers Robert Ballard and Sylvia Earle are just the tip of the iceburg of wonderful people I have had the pleasure to meet and now call friends. Having breakfast
with Sir Peter Blake at his home was an unbelievable experience. He cooked a mean scramble eggs!

The longest day has disappeared over the western horizon and summer is slowly popping its head above the eastern horizon, I can feel its warmth – yeah! – bring it on!

It’s time for those of you who have gone into diving hibernation to drag out your dive gear and if required have it serviced so that you are all set to continue your diving adventures with safe and reliable equipment.

Have fun!

Dave Moran, Editor

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