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Most divers have a bucket list of dive destinations that they would love to experience in their diving life! This bucket list can be buried in the back of your mind, just ticking away! If you’re super organised you may even have printed out a list of overseas diving destinations and pinned it to your bedroom’s ceiling – yeah right – who is that organised?

In this special Travel issue we have saved you the trouble of your home or your work’s printer running out of ink when printing your dreams! Within the following pages are 10 tantalizing destinations for you to consider when planning your next winter adventure.

When you travel, besides experiencing excellent diving, you will also have the opportunity to experience a different culture, food, drink and the way people live their lives. Getting to some of these destinations is also an experience in its own right. You dream of a quiet romantic moonlit beach, but before you get there you are stunned by the seeming totally out of control mass of humanity in such places as Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta. Just getting out of the airport is an achievement.

These experiences are all part of the colourful tapestry of international travel – enjoy!

Check out Travel Tips on page 33.


In this issue we are pleased to introduce a new feature, Hot Tips, to help with your photography. Tine Funderud and Stone Meharry who operate Goat Island Dive just north of Auckland are passionate about their photography. In their first Hot Tips, ‘Up Close & Personal’ you will discover how to encourage a fish to be just centimetres from your camera lens!

Turn to page 72.

Associate Professor Simon Mitchell has contributed numerous articles and comments to this magazine for over 20 years. Many of you will recognise his name and be aware that he is recognised as a leading diving medicine authority. He is highly sought after as a guest speaker at many international technical diving and dive medicine symposiums.

A very experienced diver who like many entered the water with mask, snorkel, fins and a speargun. Now he prefers having a camera in hand as he enjoys the silence of rebreather diving.

Turn to page 62 to view his first article in the series titled: ‘Advanced Knowledge – Carbon Dioxide and Diving’.

Wow, the waters around New Zealand are approaching 19°C at the bottom of the South Island, to over 25°C at the top of the North Island. Even an Aussie would say – “you beauty!”

Make sure you spoil yourself by being surrounded by some of the most amazing and abundant marine life on the planet!


Dave Moran, Editor.





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