Washing Your Dive Gear Made Easy


Salt-Away is the cheapest and most concentrated product available, says Shane Housley warming up on the subject of salt water corrosion.

As the Salt-Away distributor in New Zealand of course he would say that, but he has the facts to back up the claim.

With Salt-Away diluted 500 to one it takes just a few millilitres to fully protect costly bits of kit like camera housings, regulators and BCDs – and you can keep on using the same bucket of solution for several months – it’s a persuasive argument.

“Its water based, a green product, and you can be 100% certain you can soak your gear in it at no risk,” Shane says. “It won’t attack any metal or alloy and it protects rubbers too; it doesn’t make them go hard. I’ve got sensitive skin but I’ve never had any skin reaction to it either.”

He said the active ingredient, Cortec N370, makes the corrosive properties of salt inert whereas competitor products attempt to dissolve or counteract the salt.

A keen diver himself Shane says he always squirts it into his BCD, forcing it up the dump valve. You can use the Salt Away mixing unit attached to a garden hose back at home, swishing it around and over the tank, putting the regulator into a bucket of diluted Salt- Away overnight then just letting it dry. No rinsing in fresh water required.

For regulators he recommends first blowing water off the first stage inlet using air from the cylinder, replacing the dust cap, then soaking it overnight in the same way. The same general process should be followed for wetsuits, dive computers, goggles, flippers, tanks and other gear.

For outboards he recommends adding 200 to 250 ml to salt water then rinsing it through the heat exchanger. Salt-Away also supplies collapsible flush bags for the purpose in varying sizes, which are also ideal for dive gear. But head to their website for more comprehensive info on washing engines, boats, and fishing gear.

Salt-Away products are widely available, probably at your nearest boat or dive shops but it’s just as easy to shop online at www.salt-away.co.nz

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